Dermaplaning in Fort Washington, PA


If your over-the-counter skin treatments are no longer giving you the results you desire, but you aren’t interested in more invasive procedures, it may be time to consider dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is an innovative cosmetic procedure and facial rejuvenation technique that smooths the surface of the skin by removing dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a radiant, youthful complexion. Sometimes referred to as dermablading, this procedure is performed with a careful scraping technique and a facial blade. Our aesthetic team is proud to offer dermaplaning as a standalone procedure or as an add-on to another facial treatment at Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute in Lansdale, PA and Fort Washington, PA. Dermaplaning is very well-known these days because while it is noninvasive, it helps patients to attain beautiful, smooth skin.


Dermablading and dermaplaning are safe skin treatments for most skin tones and types. Men and women suffering from severe acne should discuss the benefits and risks in detail with their skin care technician beforehand. The best candidates for dermaplaning:

  • Are seeking an alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • Do not have rosacea
  • Have a moderate amount of fine facial hair
  • Do not have skin that is highly sensitive
  • Have uneven skin tone


Dermaplaning procedures are typically completed in our office as an outpatient procedure and are often combined during a facial or another skin care treatment. After cleaning the skin, the treatment will begin with a careful scraping of the surface of the skin with a blade. The technician will skim the treatment area repeatedly until the needed areas have been evenly treated. The amount of time needed will vary, depending on whether part of or the entire face is being addressed. During your consultation, a technician will explain the process to you.


After your dermaplaning session, your skin may appear a bit pink. This is a normal reaction that will subside in the coming days. Patients will need to avoid prolonged sun exposure because the skin will be very sensitive in the days following your treatment. You can expect immediate results after the treatment as dermaplaning reveals softer, smoother skin tight away. Your skin will be radiant and soft, which makes dermaplaning a great procedure to seek out right before a formal event or a night out. To help you care for your skin, our team will discuss a recommended skin care routine with you, including the regular application of sunscreen.


The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute offers high-quality, top-notch aesthetic care to individuals in the Fort Washington, PA area and the Lansdale, PA area. Utilizing innovative techniques, our dermatology team provides maximum results in a minimal fashion. Dermaplaning is a popular aesthetic treatment found to even out and soften your skin to highlight your natural beauty. If you would like to learn more about this cosmetic treatment or if you are ready to schedule your consultation with one of our skilled aestheticians, contact our office today.

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