All about Acne – medications and expectations

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So has anyone heard of (or watched) that show called Dr Pimple Popper? When I was first asked this by a patient I had no idea what she was talking about but thanks to the internet I was quickly in the loop! (Side note: if you check out our website you will see a picture of our very own Dr Saxena with the now famous Dr Pimple Popper.)

Many people struggle with acne and search for that holy grail that will clear their skin. People seem to be obsessed with skin care and treatments – anything to rid them of pimples and those dreaded blackheads! In today’s world we expect instant gratification,  – but here’s the thing – treatments take time, patience, and perseverance.

Pimples form due to many things like hormones and stress and can affect a person at any age it seems. Thankfully though we have the knowledge, medications and products to help is out.Medications treat the formation of the pimple from different angles and work together to maximize the benefits.

Topical medications like benzoyl peroxide and topical antibiotics are used to reduce bacteria and fight the inflammation caused by the back up of the oil and bacteria in the blocked pores. Then medications known was retinoids are use to help the skin consistently exfoliate to unblock the pores and prevent the formation of an early pimple known as a micro-comedo. Retinoids like adaplene and tretinoin are used to work out the junk in those dreaded blackheads that everyone talks about and hates!

(FYI: Blackheads are just pores that are visibly filled with dead skin and oil that are stretched due to the back-up)

Oral medication can also be used – those are usually antibiotics – and are prescribed for a brief period of time to boost treatment results.

Skin care is important and can either make the treatment period more or less comfortable. Good skin care allows the medication to work at its optimal level and some times less is more! A gentle wash and a good mild moisturizer are best – please skip the brushes, toners, scrubs, and masks! 

Medication – no matter what kind or how strong – takes 6-8 weeks to work. And there is no one medication that “fits all”. The regimens are tailored to not only the type of acne but to the location and type of skin and sensitivities the patient may have.

Dr Pimple Popper gets all of her cases cleared in a 30 minute episode but remember she has access to editing! We love helping patients with acne in our office! Please make an appointment with us so we can help you and stick with you throughout the treatment course! .

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