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Feature product: Firming neck cream

Finally a neck cream to help with the appearance of the aging neck!  This cream is designed to tighten, hydrate, and improve elasticity and texture.  Firming neck cream has the latest technology in skin tightening and sag reduction with ingredients like a biometric ceramide complex, peptides, botanical extracts, niacinamide, and Leontopodium Alpinum Calluse Culture Extract, a new powerful antioxidant. These ingredients are all working together to fight the signs of aging, even skin texture and tone, and protect the skin from future damage.  This product can be used by all skin types and is now available for purchase here in our office.

Product:  Shea Tera Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash

Shea Tera Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash is a 100% natural combination of honey and pure ingredients that works for all skin types.  This wash gently removes grime and dead skin cells without any stripping.  Pure, raw African acacia honey is combined with skin softening Moroccan Arian oil that exfoliates and hydrates skin simultaneously.  All skin types will enjoy and benefit from this facial wash.

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