Skin cancer can be a scary diagnosis. However, it can be easier to diagnose and treat than many other cancers. There are various types of varying severity, and treatment for skin cancer will depend greatly on the symptoms.

What are the different types of skin cancer?

  • Melanoma
  • Basal cell
  • Squamous cell

In terms of the most severe skin cancer, many dermatologists consider melanoma to be of the greatest concern.

Symptoms of melanoma

When diagnosing melanoma, Dr. Aradhna Saxena is looking for several specific factors. They may include the shape of a mole, an uneven border, variation in color, large size, and consistent changes. When a mole begins to take on a life of its own, it is incredibly important for patients to seek the assistance of a dermatologist for an evaluation and screening as soon as possible.

Screening for melanoma

During a skin cancer screening with Dr. Aradhna Saxena, patients will be evaluated from head to toe for any signs. Skin tags, moles, and other growths on the skin are closely examined and monitored from year to year to look for changes that may indicate a problem. If the dermatologist expects that a mole or growth signifies the possibility of cancerous cells, she may perform a biopsy.

Treatment of melanoma

For most patients with melanoma, extensive procedures such as Mohs micrographic surgery may be performed to ensure all areas of cancerous skin are successfully removed, greatly reducing the chance of spreading or regrowth.

Treatment for melanoma is a phone call away

At the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute in Fort Washington, PA, patients in the community and surrounding areas can seek professional experience with skin cancer and treatment. We encourage individuals who are interested in a skin cancer screening and follow-up treatment if necessary to contact our staff by calling (215) 392-6680 of our Fort Washington, PA practice at 455 Pennsylvania Ave #127. Patients outside the community are also welcome to visit our office located in Lansdale, PA for assistance as well. Dr. Aradhna Saxena proudly accepts new and existing patients into her facilities for quality, comprehensive skin care solutions.

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