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About Skin Tags

About 25% of adults have small, benign tumors known as skin tags. These flesh-colored skin growths (also known as acrochordon) are harmless and may range from a pinhead-sized bump to the size of a pencil eraser. While skin tags do not require medical treatment, you may want skin tags removed if they create irritation when they rub against clothing or other skin, for example, if the skin tag is in an armpit. You may also consider having a skin tag removed if it's in a visible location, like your eyelid or another area of your face. To have your skin tag safely removed, schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist at Dr. Aradhna Saxena's Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute. We have three locations, in Fort Washington, Lansdale, and Willow Grove, PA.


Skin tags are so common that it is reported that a quarter of adults have at least one. Skin tags typically develop from friction by skin rubbing against clothing or other skin. They most commonly form in the armpits and groin folds and on the chest, neck, and eyelids. In women, skin tags may also develop beneath the breasts. Skin tags may develop more often if you are overweight or as you age. In addition, hormone elevations during pregnancy can cause an increase in the formation of skin tags.


Skin tags are either flesh colored or brown. They can vary in size from as small as 1mm to around the size of a grape. The growth may be smooth or wrinkled, and most are attached to the skin by a small stalk. Skin tags do not cause pain, and they are not contagious. If the skin tag gets twisted and cut off from the blood supply, it may turn red or black.

Treatment Options

Skin tags often do not need treatment, but you may want them removed. Skin tags can get caught in jewelry or clothing, which can cause irritation, redness, and sometimes bleeding. You may also want to eliminate them for cosmetic reasons if they are on your face or another visible area. To remove a skin tag, we may perform a surface-layer surgical excision. Other treatment options include freezing or burning the tag.

Cut the Tag Off

If you have skin tags that are irritating or unattractive, the professional medical team at the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute can help assess and remove them. There are several treatment options for skin tag removal that we can discuss before creating your custom treatment plan. Contact one of our Greater Philadelphia offices to schedule a consultation for skin tag removal.

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