Matt Dettra, MMS, PA-C

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Meet Matt Dettra

Matt earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA, where he also went on to receive his master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies.
He completed the physician assistant residency program at Schweiger Dermatology Group, training under renown dermatologists in Center City, Philadelphia. He has four years of experience in the field, and offers both medical and cosmetic dermatology services. Matt is a member of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants and the American Association of Physician Assistants.
In his free time, he enjoys interior design, cooking, working out, and spending time at home with his partner and dog.

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    Chestnut Hill Hospital

    Medical Office Building
    Suite 30
    8815 Germantown Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19118

    Phone: 215-242-4680

    Abington Health Center

    721 Arbor Way
    Building 2, Suite 103
    Blue Bell, PA 19422

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    Personable doctor who knows his profession. It's what you want in a specialist. Highly recommend.
    E Savaria Jr
    5 years ago
    He's thorough, personable and keeps things simple.
    Terri O'Donnell, CPCC
    8 years ago


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