Is there a natural supplement for hair loss that actually works?

Hair loss is chronic and progressive without treatment, affecting at least 50% of women by age 50 and 40% of men by age 45, progressing to up to 70% by later life. Hair is an important part of our appearance, social interactions, and psycho-emotional well-being, and its loss is associated with significant psychological trauma resulting in symptoms of depression and diminished quality of life. 

Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of men and women of all ages and ethnicities, impacting appearance, social interactions, and psycho-emotional well-being. Basic Nutritional vitamin supplements lack standardization, regulation, and clinical efficacy. Biotin supplementation alone has been used in the past by the dermatology community, but there is no evidence validating clinical efficacy. 

Recent research has identified that hair loss is the result of multiple causative factors that include inflammation, oxidative damage, environmental assaults, aging, psycho-emotional stress, and hormonal imbalances that span beyond the previously studied and know factors like androgens (hormones) and nutrition. Fortunately, there is now a clinically studied nutraceutical that is able to target multiple pathways tied to hair growth. Nutrafol contains a blend of highly purified, standardized, bio-optimized, and bioavailable extracts with clinical efficacy in targeting key pathways that compromise hair growth. 

Nutrafol combines multiple natural ingredients in a bioavailable and efficacious way. Curcumin inhibits inflammation-causing cells that push hair follicles to the resting phase (non-growth) and the regression phase. Curcumin also has efficacy against androgens that cause miniaturization and fibrosis of hair follicles on the scalp. This complements the effects of saw palmetto which inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzyme and prevents conversion of testosterone into its active form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT inhibits hair growth on the scalp. Ashwagandha builds resistance to stress by mimicking certain steroids to reduce serum cortisol. This is the only available option for addressing the impact of psycho-emotional stress in hair loss. 

But does Nutrafol work?

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study performed using Nutrafol showed a statistically significant increase in the number of terminal and vellus hairs. Subjects also reported improvement in hair growth, volume, thickness, and hair growth rate. I, personally, have been using Nutrafol for years; my hair is the longest and thickest it has been since I was much younger! Fortunately, Nutrafol is well-tolerated and easily incorporated into my daily routine (4 tablets taken together once daily with a meal). They key is to get started BEFORE you notice your hair thinning. Trust me, you will be glad you did!

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