Five Things To Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers

Important findings about dermal fillers to help you make an informed decision if injectables are a good choice for you.

Lip fillers are seemingly on every woman’s wish list these days. Glance at a magazine cover or watch your favorite television show, and it is hard not to notice women sporting plumper, curvier lips. You may even find yourself wondering if your lips could benefit from a little boost. Lip fillers are a nonsurgical procedure that provides instant results, and board-certified dermatologists Dr. Aradhna Saxena and Dr. David Kasper can help you achieve your lush look. Spa 361, located inside the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute in the Greater Philadelphia area, can give you the fuller, sexier lips of your dreams with just a few injections.

Lip fillers, or derma fillers, are derived from naturally occurring substances in the body, hyaluronic acid or collagen. Men and women love fillers for the unique way they can enhance multiple body areas, including the lips. Dr. Saxena and Dr. Kasper offer their patients two convenient locations in Fort Washington, PA, and Lansdale, PA, for lip enhancements. They use fillers to plump up the volume of their patients’ lips, giving them a fuller, yet natural appearance. If you think you’d like to try plumper, lusher lips, here is a checklist of five things you should know prior to getting dermal fillers.

1. Know before you go
A lip injection procedure is relatively straightforward. Before the big day, decide how big you want your lips to be. Some patients prefer a slight enhancement and a natural look, while others choose more dramatic results by going big and completely altering the appearance of their lips. Depending on the desired type of enhancement, an assessment of your lips will take place. Experienced board-certified dermatologists Dr. Saxena and Dr. Kasper understand the anatomy of your lips and will determine the correct amount of filler needed to achieve your desired results.

2. Size matters when it comes to your lips
Magazine photos of lips you envy may not turn out to be the best choice for your face. Every face is unique in shape and features, and our team can suggest a new lip size based on what will be most attractive with your facial structure. Take photos to your consultation for an idea of what you’re trying to achieve, but be open to suggestions for a style that will complement your face and your overall look.

3. Choices of fillers
There are several fillers on the market, and each provides a different result. Some fillers provide subtle, more natural results while others can result in a plumper, more dramatic look. Spa 361 offers three different types of dermal fillers that may be used around the lip area to tackle age-related volume loss: Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, and Belotero Balance®. These fillers result in a softer, plumper, and more natural-looking appearance. Whether you want a slight enhancement or a more significant one, our dermal fillers can help you touch up your total look.

4. Dermal fillers don’t last forever
Lip fillers provide quick results, but they do not last forever. The metabolization rate of the ingredients in dermal fillers is different for everyone, but most fillers typically last from six months to one year. Patients often love their new, fuller lips, and it is very common for them to return annually to our Fort Washington, PA, or Lansdale, PA, location for touch-up injections. Updates can keep your lips looking full, fresh, and shapely year-round.

5. You can always add more
Dermal fillers are purchased by the syringe, so the amount you choose is up to you. Many patients take a conservative route by injecting a small amount at first to see how they look and react to dermal fillers. After they know what to expect, they may decide to add more to create slightly bigger lips. Often, it is best to start small and increase from there until you decide you are happy with the results. Dr. Saxena and Dr. Kasper and the team at Spa 361 will give you their advice for the most flattering look for your facial structure. During your consultation, the amount of filler that will look natural and beautiful will be recommended and discussed in detail.

Lip fillers are a fantastic, nonsurgical method used by board-certified dermatologists Dr. Aradhna Saxena and Dr. David Kasper to enhance and plump up lips. By doing your homework ahead of time, you can discuss your desired outcome with our team and achieve the results you want. Contact Spa 361’s Fort Washington, PA, or Lansdale, PA, office today to schedule your consultation.

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